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What is ScribeCount?

ScribeCount is an indie author’s best friend. Our primary service is automated sales aggregation from over 7 publishing platforms, all combined into user-friendly charts and features that can be assessed in seconds. Whether you are publishing on all platforms or through Amazon’s select program, ScribeCount allows each author to customize their reports to fit their individual needs.

How does it work?

How does it works?

ScribeCount uses what’s called a browser extension, which is a small software application similar to AdWorks, Clearly, Honey, or Google Translate, that adds a capacity or functionality to your existing browser, in order to see the data needed to perform its features.

To do so each subscriber will need to log into ScribeCount first and then establish connections between ScribeCount and each sales platform that they control. This keeps control of the session in your hands and your passwords secure. ScribeCount does not need (or want!) your passwords to perform its functions.

Once these connections are established you then simply click a button to launch a reporting session. The session will then run until closed by you. There’s no need to keep multiple tabs open in order to keep ScribeCount running. The reporting will update automatically until you have logged out. Once you log out the session expires, completely. Unlike other book reporting services, ScribeCount does not continue to operate in the background after you have logged out. Each session starts fresh.

ScribeCount is optimized for Chrome, Edge, FireFox, and very soon, Safari. We utilize Microsoft® Azure Cloud to perform our services and incorporate encryption at several points within the process. For more information on our security features please see our Privacy Policy.

Multiple Platforms
ScribeCount currently services over 7 platforms, including Amazon, Google Play, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Draft2Digital, and Smashwords.
Dynamic Growth
ScribeCount is already working on more platforms. Chief among them Ingram Spark, Findaway Voices, Audible, and more.
Worldwide Support
ScribeCount has administration people in the United States, India, and the EU, all to better service indie authors from around the globe, twenty-four hours a day.
Dive right in

Get ready to dive right in!

Take a 14-Days Free Trial, no credit card required.

Our Features

ScribeCount Features
ScribeCount offers every feature to every subscriber, regardless of their payment tier. Currently those features are:
  • Customized Dashboards to fit the Wide or KU author.
  • Dynamic reporting from all the major platforms.
  • A world-wide sales map showing what countries your books are selling in.
  • A newsfeed that is updated regularly keeping you informed of what’s happening in the world of indie publishing.
  • Downloadable spreadsheets in Excel format so you can easily customize your income and expenditures.
  • Current and Historical Data updated every 15 minutes.

These initial features will focus on reporting and will expand to include more sales and advertising platforms monthly. Future additions to ScribeCount will cover
such Indie needs as production, marketing, translations, and more.

Customer Testimonials

Customers Testimonials

I’ve used several programs to keep track of my sales, but ScribeCount is the one blowing me away. I ScribeCount. Putting knowledge (and thus the ability to make intelligent decisions) into the hands of authors? I’m there! Can’t wait to see where they go from here.
Erin Wright
Erin Wright USA Today Bestselling Author
ScribeCount is MORE accurate than going to the source, and way faster. If there's ever a change in one of my books' prices, or even their KU status, I'm alerted and can quickly get on top of it.
Wayne Stinnett
Wayne Stinnett USA Today Bestselling Author
ScribeCount is a Godsend. Prior to ScribeCount there was no easy way for an author to quickly see how they are trending. This tool pays for itself immediately. Instead of having to hunt down data from multiple sources, I get what I need in less than a minute. THANK YOU, ScribeCount, saving me analytics time that I can re-invest back into writing and marketing.
Mark Leslie
Mark L. Lefebvre Author of Wide for the Win
Knowledge is power and ScribeCount puts it at your fingertip without the painful gathering of all the numbers from the various sites. ScribeCount collects all the data from all vendors so you can study it on a single dashboard. I can’t wait for them to launch to tell the entire world about it.
Olivia Rigal
Olivia Rigal USA Today Bestselling Author
Scribecount allows me to see the entirety of my publishing business, not just select pieces. Its user-friendly interface gives important information at a glance, while at the same time letting me dig deeper into the data anytime I need to do so. The fact that the team continues to expand their offering just means it will be more important to my business as they grow into the future. I’m very glad that I discovered this amazing product!
Joseph Nassise
Joseph Nassise USA Today Bestselling Author
Of all the sales reporting tools I’ve tried, Scribecount is the one tool that rules them all. As a wide author, I want to see my sales on the different sales channels at one glance. Scribecount offers that service. Not only that, but they’ve expanded their services so you can add other income manually, and they keep adding new vendors. With the addition of being able to add expenses, Scribecount is the most encompassing sales tracking tool out there.
Shanna Bell
Shanna Bell USA Today Bestselling Author
I've tried various sales reporting tools over the years but none of them ticked all the boxes. As a wide author, it's important to me to keep track of income from all my sales channels, including audio and paperbacks. Scribecount is the tool of my dreams and I'm looking forward to seeing it grow into something found in every author's toolbox.
Skye MacKinnon
Skye MacKinnon USA Today Bestselling Author
As an independent author publishing wide, ScribeCount changed my life. Set up was easy, it took me just a few minutes. From there, with just one click, I can check my sales through most distributors.
Keyla Damaer
Keyla Damaer Author
I love to get a quick-glance overview at how my books are doing on each retailer and ScribeCount provides just that, plus plenty of drill-downs for deeper analysis.
Marion Kummerow
Marion Kummerow USA Today Bestselling Author
Wow, I can't tell you how grateful and impressed I am with your new program! I've been wanting something that does exactly what ScribeCount does for years. Thank you all for your hard work and vision!
Tammy Author
ScribeCount has a beautiful, intuitive interface, with the ability to drill down into helpful details. The development team is highly responsive and already working on new features I've requested! This is the wide reporting software I've been searching for, and I'm so glad to have found it.
Olivia Atwater
Olivia Atwater Author

Our Pricing

ScribeCount Pricing

ScribeCount uses a tiered payment plan based on each subscriber’s monthly income. The subscription price is adjusted up or down based on how much your books earned the previous month. We want the service to be affordable to everyone, no matter what level of income they’re currently at.

The monthly fee is, of course, tax deductible, and we will issue a yearly payment report for you and your accountant.

Tier 1

$9.99 /month
  • Authors earning less than $1000 a month will be charged $9.99 a month.

Tier 2

$19.99 /month
  • Authors earning over $1000 a month will be charged $19.99 a month.

Get Yearly Subscription

Pay Once. Save All Year.
Was $240.00
Save 23% compared to the monthly price when you switch to annual billing.
Frequently asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

You can try ScribeCount for free. We offer a 14-day trial period so you can decide if the service is right for you and your business before signing up.

Several reasons:

  • The first is the volume of information and the amount of processing that needs to be done for ScribeCount to function. It’s just too large of a task to operate on everyone’s individual computers.
  • The second reason is security. To be GDPR compliant (we are) we need to be able to safeguard the data per those requirements and doing so remotely is just not possible.
  • The third reason is the ability to integrate the sales data with the rest of the ScribeCount features.
  • Fourth, maintaining the site would be next to impossible due to the constant changes being made by the various platforms.
  • And lastly, if everyone had the complete ScribeCount software on their computer we would be pirated immediately and quickly disappear. We don’t want that.

ScribeCount pulls Sales numbers, KENP data, Book Id’s, Book Ranks, Book Reviews, Book Prices, KU enrollment dates, and Geographical sales data, both current and historical, in order to generate your reporting dashboard.

Keep in mind that ScribeCount will not visualize or store your passwords, nor can it change any of your data on those platforms. In simpler terms, ScribeCount can only see, not touch.

ScribeCount is designed with Bootstrap framework to create modern web apps. It is optimized to fit with your mobile and tablet screen.
ScribeCount is a subscription-based service due to the rolling costs of supporting it. It takes several people and quite a bit of server muscle to make everything work. In addition to this we have the additional expense of developing new features for the future. All of these things together point to the subscription model as being the only way to keep ScribeCount going.

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