Our Story

Our Story

How many books did you sell today?

When people find out you’re a writer this question usually comes up. It’s a question I used to dread, not for the intrusiveness, but because I knew whatever answer I could offer was at best a well-intentioned lie. I never really knew the truth.

To answer that question honestly I would have to log in to every one of my sales platforms, pull up the sales reports, download the excel files, crunch them all together into a pivot table, and then compute the sum. By the time I was finished the number was already antiquated.

This is where the idea of ScribeCount was born. Since I started publishing back in 2009 I’ve watched several reporting services emerge, only to see them all stop at Amazon and go no further. The few that didn’t always seemed to have a catch; they wanted my passwords, I had to download and upload the data myself, or they only worked with a limited number of platforms. Eventually, I got tired of waiting and decided to build it myself.

So I assembled a team of professionals, worked out a plan, and we got to work. The result is what you see here.

But what about the other stuff? The Ad tracking. The publishing calendar. The various tools and other services that I used every day to perform the many functions of self-publishing. Why not add those too? Did I really need 42 tabs open at once? All day-everyday?

No. What you see on your screen now is just the start. One that you can get to with one click. That click will soon provide countless features and services familiar to all indies out there. While we cater to all authors, we are most useful to the author who is wide, publishing direct everywhere there is to publish, and doing so in as many formats, countries, and languages as possible.

Our main goal at ScribeCount is to make this business of self-publishing as easy as it can possibly be. We’ll provide the information, tools, news, and functionality necessary for you to maximize your revenue, reduce your costs, and free up your time for what you really like to do.

Writing the next book.

Thanks for trying ScribeCount, we hope to see you often,
- Randall

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