Management Team

Just who are these people?

Our team is made up of entrepreneurs and industry experts, writers and readers, idea people and the people to execute those ideas, assembled with the goal of building the best author service company in the world. This combination brings both years of experience and a strong vision to what is still a young and rapidly growing industry. Our team was constructed with that in mind. Chosen not just for their knowledge and expertise but because they DO things. They are predisposed to action, resourceful, and always leaning forward. ScribeCount subscribers can expect to see rapid growth in the service and its features as a result.

Randall Wood

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Randall co-founded ScribeCount in 2018 with the intent that it become the preeminent author service platform on the internet. His goal is to make ScribeCount a place that services every author need.

A writer since his high school days, he was an early adopter of the Kindle and KDP and has been self-publishing since its inception in 2009. With a career started in the military and followed by a lifetime spent in the field of Emergency Medicine, he has ample experiences to draw from.

Randall holds a degree in Emergency Medical Services, working both on the ground and in the air until his writing provided him with the freedom to retire early. He now focuses on ScribeCount and other business ventures when not working on the next book.

When not dreaming up new features he can usually be found at the beach with his wife and giant dog Henry, taxiing his two teenagers everywhere, or building something. He’s known to produce copious amounts of sawdust.

Randall can be reached here:

Suresh Kongara Venkatapathi

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Suresh is the head of the ScribeCount Development Team. With over 13 years of experience in the SaaS (Software as a Service) and Cloud-Based E-commerce platform fields he has made the idea of ScribeCount a reality. His main goal is to make ScribeCount a service that everyone can use.

Suresh holds both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Computer Applications and is well-versed in the areas of data governance, e-commerce architecture, and the implementation of complex web solutions. In 2010 he founded VENSO Technologies, a leading provider of document scanning services.

Currently calling Kentucky home, Suresh is Captain of the Kentucky Super Kings Cricket team. When not playing Cricket he enjoys spending time with his wife, his two boys, and their many birds.

You can reach Suresh here:

Philippa Werner

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Philippa is the public face of ScribeCount, overseeing the customer interaction, content, and overall service side of the company. Her main goal is to reduce friction for our subscribers.

Holding a Bachelor of Arts in Economics with a minor in Mathematics she brings her analytic skills to the team and then balances them with her creative abilities. With 19 novels to her name, including 2 USA Today Bestsellers, Philippa speaks the complicated language of indie-author very well.

A native of Minnesota she can often be found shoveling snow, watching science fiction movies, or arguing thermostat settings. She is an expert at getting socks on a fleeing toddler.

You can reach Philippa here:


Hello. I’s Henry. I’m not sure why I’m here, but my dad says I can be the mascot, whatever that is. I’m one years old and 170lbs, which dad says is “repulsively titanic”. That’s good right? Anyway, I’ll be dropping in and talking about stuff that has nothing to do with whatever dad does and coaching your fur baby’s on how to best distract you. Bring treats.

Henry can be reached at, but he only accepts mail from other dogs.

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